Ukraine Travel Information & Tour Guide

Ukraine Travel Information

Ukraine Travel Information

With a population of 42.5 million, Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe bordered by Belarus to the north, Russia to the east, the Black Sea to the south, Romania to the southwest, and Poland to the west. The capital city of Ukraine is Kiev which is located in the north-central part. Ukraine comprises a diverse landscape which throws up a whole bunch of outdoorsy activities. It is rich in traditions, has warm-hearted people, and offers offbeat experiences.

Each part of this amazing country offers a different experience. The west part is picturesque and cozy whereas the east and north parts are well-known for industries and monuments.

Being on the crossroad between central and Eastern Europe, visitors are thronging more from Eastern Europe as well. Tourism is expanding in Ukraine because of certain advantages it has over other European destinations such as low costs, visa-free access for European countries and hospitality.

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Ukraine Travel & Tourism Guide

Best time to Visit in Ukraine:

Ukraine Tourist AttractionsUkraine has a dry and continental climate which influences different temperature at different season throughout the year. It has warm dry summers and severe winters.

Spring: March to May (2 to 15 °C)

Summer: June to July (16 to 19 °C)

Autumn: September to November (2 to 14 °C)

Winter: December to February (-2 to -5°C)

How to Reach Ukraine:

The flights fly from India, i.e. Delhi to Kyiv Boryspil International Airport. Ukraine International is the main carrier; it flies to Ukraine.

Types of Tourism in Ukraine

  • Historical Tourism
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism
  • Food / Culinary Tourism
  • Adventure and Nature Tourism
  • Family Tourism
  • Health and Spa Tourism
  • Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ukraine

  1. Khortytsia
  2. Annunciation Cathedral in Kharkov
  3. Potemkin Stairs in Odessa
  4. Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia
  5. Multimedia Fountain Roshen in Vinnytsia
  6. Lubart’s Castle in Lutsk
  7. Shatsky National Natural Park
  8. Askania-Nova
  9. Drahobrat
  10. Probiy Waterfall