Tashkent Travel Information & Tour Guide

Tashkent (Capital of Uzbekistan): The capital and main city of Uzbekistan. It has a history of 2200 years and one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. It has institutions of power and attractions that are worth exploring.

Tourism in Tashkent is ever changing, and it’s getting more visitors annually. Apart from being one of the wealthiest cities in Central Asia, it is also the economic and cultural center of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent is far from what we assume it to be; it has plenty of modern restaurants, wide avenues, modern architectural buildings and offering good accommodations and transportation.

If you are planning to visit this place within a short span of time then DookShare will help you to pick the top sights of the city.

Tashkent Tourist Attractions Photos

Amir Temur Square Museum

The museum is in Tashkent and focuses on the genealogy of Amir Temur. The museum displays 500 artefacts and attracts over 2 million visitors yearly.

Freedom Square & Mustaqillik Maydoni

The central square is the largest in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It is a hosting centre for country and military celebrations.

Nature Attractions

Chimgan Mountains

Chimgan is one of the popular ski-resort in Uzbekistan. Also known as the “Switzerland of Uzbek”. The valley is on top of a slope at a height of 1200-1600 meters above sea level.

Lake Charvak

An artificial lake on the northern part of Tashkent region. The coast is now turned into a comfortable beach.

Tashkent Botanical Garden

It was opened at the initiative of Academician Fedor Rusanov. It is a garden of collective flowers from all over the world.

Alisher Navoi National Park

One of Uzbekistan’s urban parks named after Alisher Navoi. The park is constructed on a quarry site of the brick factory.

Trains & Railways

Tashkent–Samarkand High-Speed Bullet Train

Tashkent Metro

Shopping & Markets

Chorsu Bazaar

A traditional bazaar in the old town of Tashkent. The bazaar is more than a hundred years old.

Alayskiy Bazaar

They developed the oriental market in the 12-13th century and considered the oldest bazaar in Tashkent.

Sacred & Religious Sites 

Minor Mosque

A new mosque built on October 2014 on the embankment of the Ankhor Channel. Its construction is different from its white marble finishing. It can take 2400 people.

Teleshayakh Mosque

The whole complex is stunning; this is another exemplary mosque found in Tashkent. It has a great architecture with a calming environment.

Kukeldash Madrasah

It is the centre of muslum education built in 1570. The madrasa served as a fortress, public execution place. Today, it is a place and institutions where students live and train to learn about Islam.

Tashkent Fun Activity Places

Tashkentland & Aqua Park

It is the largest amusement park in Tashkent. The land is also known as Disney land of Tashkent.

Tashkent Zoo

Tashkent Circus 

Ice City Tashkent

Ashgabat Park


Tashkent Museums

Rail Museum

It is the largest railway museum in Tashkent and has the largest collection of diesel, steam engine and electric locomotives.

Wax Museum

TV Tower Tashkent

It is a 357-meter high tower and the tallest tower in the world. Until 1991, it was the third tallest tower.

Monument of Courage

A valuable monument dedicated to the victims of the 1966 earthquake.

Amirsoy Resort Tashkent

Hotels & Restaurants

Tashkent has some of the widest range of accommodation options, with an excellent atmosphere and views. We have compiled a list of the best hotels are of good value, services, location for you to relax and enjoy your stay while in Tashkent.

Hotel Miran International (5 Star)

This is a sophisticated five-star rated property that is just a few kilometres from many famous attractions in Tashkent.

Hotel City Palace Tashkent (5 Star)

The five-star rated property is located in the center city of Tashkent and close to Museum History and Gallery of Modern Art.

International Hotel Tashkent (5 Star)

The five-star hotel is located in the center city great for recreation, sightseeing and getting around.

Hyatt Regency Tashkent (5 Star)

The upscale five-star hotel is located in a leafy area having great amenities and a walking distance from the State Museum of History.

Hilton Tashkent City (5 Star)

Hotel Le Grand Plaza (4 Star)

The four-star rated property is an upscale hotel having great amenities and a few minutes’ walk to some top attractions in Tashkent.

Hotel Ramada Tashkent (4 Star)

It is a four-star rated hotel located few minutes away from the city center offering great amenities and unpretentious room.

Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace (4 Star)

A four-star hotel is in a palatial building built from 1958 is popular for business travels.

Hotel Wyndham Tashkent (4 Star)

The four star hotel is located on a commercial road, and it’s just a walk away from the bus stop and Amir Timur Museum.

Hotel Grand Capital (4 Star)

The four-star hotel is a brand new hotel in Tashkent which has great amenities and walking distance to some major sites.

Simma Hotel Spa & Waterpak

Ichan Qala Hotel (4 Star)

The four-star is an elegant hotel which is located in a commercial area and near Tashkent International Airport.

Hotel Pyramid Tashkent (4 Star)

Restaurant, Pubs & Bars

Tashkent has some of the widest range of restaurants, pubs and bars options, with excellent food, service and atmosphere. We have compiled a list of the best of them which are of good value, services, location for you to relax and enjoy your stay.

Restaurant Raj Kapoor Tashkent (Indian) 

Restaurant Amar Tashkent (Indian)

The restaurant is located in Tashkent, serves excellent food and provides friendly service. It serves Indian and other cuisines too.

Czech Pub Bar

A local Czech bar and restaurant offering great food, beer, and service. It’s one of the best pubs to visit in Tashkent.

FM Bar 

This is a small nice cosy bar that has a decent atmosphere and a fun place to spend the evenings.

AURUM 898 Bar

This bar cum nightclub is located heart of Tashkent! They organised popular music show by DJ and other events.

Prince Club Bar

Limousine Service Tashkent

If you want to explore Tashkent and enjoy a pleasant journey on the road, you can get the Limousine Service in Tashkent. The drivers are well versed in many languages and we trust them professionals.

Tashkent Airport

Tashkent Tour Video’s

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