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Serbia Travel Information

Among the most picturesque nations in Eastern Europe, Serbia has an illustrious history. Dating back as far back as 7000 BC, this region has been one of the most consistently populated in human history. Running consistent with this fact, you can find a wondrous mix of culture, heritage, history and tradition in this country. Of course, this makes Serbia and its capital, Belgrade, a tourism destination for the seasoned traveler.

The second most popular city in Serbia, Novi Sad, has its own tale to tell. Between these two cities and the beautiful mountain resorts  Kopaonik, Stara Planina and Zlatibor, there are many wonders to explore in Serbia. If you are planning a trip to is magical nation, then do go through the highlights we have mentioned on our website. They are sure to make your trip a better one by giving the right information!

Serbia Travel & Tourism Guide

Best Time to Visit Serbia

Serbia is a subtropical climate so you can visit it during most of the year. However, the best time to visit is mid-April to mid-June and mid-August till end of October. The spring and fall time in Serbia is particularly popular among tourists.

Spring: March to May (0 to 14 °C)

Summer: June to August (14 to 27 °C)

Autumn: September to November (11 to 23 °C)

Winter: December to February (-3 to 7 °C)

How to reach

Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Bangalore are the main airport where from you can fly directly to Belgrade (Nikola Tesla Airport). The main carrier is Air Serbia which flies directly to Belgrade.

Type of tourism

  • Historical Tourism
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism
  • Honeymoon Tourism
  • Adventure and Nature Tourism
  • Family Tourism
  • Health and Spa Tourism
  • Nightlife Tourism
  • Winter Tourism

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Serbia

  1. Belgrade
  2. Subotica
  3. Novi Sad
  4. Zlatibor
  5. Studenica Monastery
  6. Derdap National Park
  7. Prizren
  8. Kopaonik National Park
  9. Devil’s Town
  10. Nis