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Russia Travel Information

Russia Travel Information
Russia Travel Information

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, offering an array of experience to travelers. It is a transcontinental country in North Asia and Eastern Europe. Russia shares its borders with Finland, Estonia, Norway, Latvia, Poland, and Lithuania.

Russia’s capital city is Moscow, the second-largest city in Europe. The city offers rich art historical and religious sites, with many of the major landmarks of Russia in Moscow. The world’s largest country has seen rapid growth in tourism since Soviet times. It is a land of a rich cultural heritage, diverse nature and extremities. It offers historic cities, idyllic countryside, artistic architecture, train rides, and an epic fun nightlife.

There is much to see and explore in Russia, be it an adventure, history, food or culture! Russia is an adventurous place where you can trek up the slopes of a mountain or wander through the steppes of Mongolia.

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Moscow Travel Information
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Russia Travel & Tourism Guide

Best time to visit Moscow (Russia):

Russian weather varies greatly between winter and summer, its make the Russia like a totally different country. In Moscow, for example, temperatures start from -25 °C degrees in winter, and rise to over 30 °C degrees in summer. It’s a brutal temperature difference.

Summer: April- Jun (6.7 to 17 °C)
Spring and Autumn: September-November (11.2 to -1.2 °C)
Winter: December – March (-5 to -1°C)

How to reach:

The flights fly from India, i.e. Delhi to Sheremeteyvo (Terminal F) and Domodedovo airport. Aeroflot Russian airways are the main carriers from India.

Types of Tourism in Russia: Russia Tourist Attractions

  • Historical Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Sea and nature tourism
  • Food / Culinary Tourism
  • Family Tourism
  • Health and Spa Tourism
  • Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Russia

  1. The Moscow Kremlin
  2. State Hermitage Museum
  3. Red Square
  4. Basil’s Cathedral
  5. Lake Baikal
  6. Peterhof
  7. Savior on the Spilled Blood
  8. Winter Palace
  9. Peter and Paul Fortress
  10. Isaac’s Cathedral