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Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country with an area of 2,724,900 square kilometres. It is the ninth largest country in the world and officially a democratic, secular, unitary, and constitutional republic sharing borders with China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.

Kazakhstan terrain comprises rock canyons, hills, deltas, snow-capped mountains, steppe, deserts, and flat-lands. This country enjoys an extreme continental climate with warm summers and freezing winters. It has a diverse cultural heritage which has made it a vacation paradise. If you are intrepid travellers and would love to explore the beautiful and unusual sites of the world, Kazakhstan is the place to be.

Kazakhstan has been a major tourist destination, as it has the most breathtaking place that everyone admires. Tourism has increased over the years as the government keeps on bringing different plans and initiatives to the travel and tourism industry.

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Kazakhstan Travel & Tourism Guide

Best time to visit

Kazakhstan has a continental climate. The summers are dry and hot, where average temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius and winters are cold with an average temperature of – 20 degrees Celsius.

Spring: March to May (-1 to 22 °C)

Summer: June to August (16 to 29 °C)

Autumn: September to November (17 to 8 °C)

Winter: December to February (2 to -8°C)

How to reach:

Kazakhstan Travel & Tourism Guide

The flight flies from Delhi to Almaty International Airport. The main carrier is Air Astana, which is a direct connecting flight to Almaty.

Types of Tourism

  •  Historical Tourism
  •  Cultural Tourism
  •  Nature Tourism
  •  Sports and Adventure Tourism
  •  Honeymoon Tourism
  •  MICE Tourism
  •  Health and Wellness Tourism
  •  Culinary Tourism
  •  Winter Tourism


Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan

1. Almaty – Kazakhstan’s Biggest Cultural Hub
2. Astana – The Changing Face Of Central Asia
3. Aktau – Pretty Town By The Caspian
4. Taraz – Welcome To The Ancient City In South Kazakhstan
5. Lake Balkhash– The 15th Largest Lake In The World
6. Baikonur – City Of Spaceport, Rockets, And Spaceships
7. Semey – An Ancient & Historical City
8. Turgen Gorge – Amazing Place For Trekkers
9. Lake Kaindy – A Natural Dam
10. Tamgaly Tas – A Sacred Sanctuary
11. Nomad’s Land – Abandoned Film Set
12. Shymkent – Getaway To The Heartland Of Kazakhstan