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The Belgrade Fortress

The Belgrade Fortress holds the title of the most visited monument in Serbia. It gets about 2 million visitors each year. Entry is free and so, you’ll find many tourists here during open hours. The old citadel which is part of the Fortress is well-known for its historic significance in Belgrade.

Religious Sites

St. Sava Temple (Hram Svetog Save)

St Sava Church pays homage to the patron saint and establisher of the Serbian Orthodox church. The foundation stone was laid in 1935 and the fine work is still ongoing. This church has been through many fortune changes since its inception and is a perfect testimony to Serbia’s vivid past.

Crkva Svetog Marka

St. Mark’s Church or the Crkva Svetog Marka is a famous church in Serbia. It was built in 1940 at the site of previous church. This monument sits very close to the Serbian parliament and gives testimony to its Serbo-Byzantine past.

St. Michael’s Cathedral

Built between 1837 to 1840, the St. Michael’s Cathedral in Serbia is a primary place of worship for the country’s majority Orthodox Serbian Christians. Often called Saborna Crkva or simply the Cathedral, the monument served as a primary place for ousting Ottomans from Serbia.

Saint Petka’s Chapel

St. Petka’s Chapel is one of the oldest existing religious sites in Serbia. It was declared a Cultural Monument of Exceptional Importance in 1967 and has been restored to its original beauty since then. The chapel is a popular site for tourists, especially the ones interested in Serbia’s Christian history.

Church of the Holy Mother of God

Also known as the Suvodol Monastery, the Church of the Holy Mother of God is anticipated to have been built in the 10th or 14th Century AD. It was destroyed in 1865 but was the following year. This Monastery is also a popular tourist spot thanks to its intriguing name and elusive history.


Belgrad Military Museum

The Military Museum of Belgrade Fortress showcases a vast array of war-related exhibits. The span of the display items stretches as far back as the early Western Roman empire and beyond. It has some sections which are of particular importance like the NATO actions against Serbia. Naturally, this is a must-visit spot for many tourists in Serbia.

Museum of Aviation

If flight is your fancy, then the Belgrade Aeronautics Museum will be a perfect place for you to visit. Established in 1989, the Museum is host to a number of flight-capable contraptions used throughout history. From gliders, piston aircrafts to jets – they have a staggering display here!

Nikola Tesla Museum

This Museum pays homage to Nikola Tesla, one of the most undervalued scientific geniuses of the 20th Century.  It showcases a massive array of documents, objects, scientific apparatus from Tesla’s life and works. The museum is particularly popular because it showcases Telsa’s life and journey better than any other place or even the internet.

Josip Broz Tito Mausoleum

The Josip Broz Tito Museum honours the eponymous statesman and former President of Yugoslavia. It contains the grave of the statesman as well as countless exhibits from his life and impact on the local region. This section of the Museum is called the House of Flowers and is set in the Memorial Centre grounds.

Automobile Museum

The Automobile Museum of Belgrade is home to a staggering number of automobiles used throughout history. Its exhibits reach far back into the origins of vehicles in the early 20th century. Naturally, it is a popular spot for tourists to visit and a very photogenic one at that. 

National Museum Belgrade

Established in 1844, the National Museum of Serbia is a prime tourist venue in Serbia. It holds a massive range of exhibits from not just Serbia but the entire world. Among the approx 400,000 exhibits rest some iconic French masterpieces from Picasso, Renoir, Degas and many others.

Museum of Illusions

Over 70 exhibits in Belgrade’s Museum of Illusions test and question how perception changes comprehension. It is obviously very popular with young tourists who often pose with the many illusions for group photographs and selfies.

Outdoor Activities

Belgrade Kayak Trip

For those with an amphibian streak in them, Belgrade offers kayak trips on both Danube and Sava rivers. These are completely safe and will give you a unique view of Belgrade unlike any other. This is good for both soloists as well as family persons. Be sure to strap in the orange vest!

Belgrade Boat Tour

Have you ever wanted to go on a cool cruise in a foreign land? Belgrade’s Boat Tours offer a dream-like experience which stands out among all the other tourist attractions in the city. Enjoy a leisurely cruise with your friends or significant other. You can even go by yourself and still get to enjoy the ebb and flow of the river fully!

Belgrade Zoo

The Belgrade Zoo is a massive complex where you can see all kinds of wildlife. Unlike other tourist hotspots, you will find an equal number of locals and tourists here. The animals kept at the zoo range from common to exotic. You can find giraffes, hippos, alligators, otters and many more. A perfect place for a stroll with the family!

Ada Ciganlija

Rest and relaxation in Serbia means Ada Ciganlija. This artificial peninsula on the Sava river has a popular beachfront. Tourists throng this spot for some time away from other attractions. If you are a beach lover, then visiting this place is a must!

Belgrade Stag Weekends

Travelling alone in Serbia? Belgrade Stag weekends is where you should look for enjoyment on the weekends. As one of the most popular nightlife attractions in Belgrade, the Stag Weekends are perfect for solo travellers as well as adventurous groups. Get your party mode on!

Nature & Parks

Danube River

If picturesqueness is your preference, then the Danube river has sights you will remember forever. The river flows through Belgrade and you can take the ferry on the river. Keep your camera ready for the scenic skylines of Belgrade and host of water animals and birds you will see!

Mountain Avala

The Avala Mountain is a lightning rod for all kinds of tourists in Belgrade. From shutterbugs to mountain trekkers, Avala gets tons of visitors all year round for its Resorts and Hotels. The most impressive views in the local area can be seen from the Avala Tower at the top of the mountain.

Sava River

The Sava river has been a part of Belgrade’s past since the city first came into being. It bespeaks the history of the local region and hosts some of the most scenic views for nature lovers. Also, you can choose to have a fine dine outing in the evening. There are many premier restaurants overlooking the river that offer a world-class menu.

Tasmajdan Park

The Tasmadjan park is one of the most popular nature walks in all of Belgrade. Exalted by Serbian novelists and poets, this park offers a break away fro the heady cosmopolitan culture of Belgrade. If you want a slow day with the family even by yourself in Belgrade, then go to Tasmadjan Park! 

Topcider Park

Nature lovers in Belgrade swear by Topcider park. As one of the best places for relaxation in the city, it offers many delights. You can go out for a stroll or even set up a picnic with the family. As many Serbian novelist would agree, a day spent at Topcider is a day well spent.

Shopping  Places

UŠĆE Shopping Center

Planning vacation shopping? The USCE shopping center is one of the most popular places to do just that. Filled to the brim with all the best brands you can think of, this center has an active crowd all year round. You can even find something uniquely Serbian here to remember your trip by!

Rajiceva Shopping Center

If there is one place which can rival USCE shopping center, Rajiceva is it. This shopping center is well-known for being a complex of elite shops. You can shop your heart AND wallet out here and not regret a single purchase. Look out for special merchandise which you cannot find anywhere else!

Delta City

Delta City represents the cosmopolitan future of Belgrade. This shopping center is over a decade old and it has maintained its place as a premier shopping destinations for locals and tourists alike. If you are planning to do some travel shopping, then this place will give you all the options you need!

Zeleni Venac Market

Who says that combining history and modern culture is difficult? The Zeleni Venac Market shows exactly how this is done. As a rather historic neighbourhood in downtown Belgrade, it has something for everyone. Shop all you want at this popular Green market and enjoy the local flavour to the fullest!

Clubs in Belgrade

The BANK Club

Planning a night out in Belgrade? The BANK club is a local hotspot where you can find the most exciting crowd and events. The club lines up its evenings with popular acts and you should arrive early for a weekend blowout. Otherwise, be ready for a long admissions line!

Leto Belgrade Night Club

A major nightlife center in Belgrade. The Leto club will give you a taste of heady nightlife like no other. This club is always packed and parties are known for the great experience they offer. If you’re one to mix in with local partylovers, then this is where you want to be on a Friday! 


One of the best places to enjoy local nightlife in Belgrade, the Money Club is meant for high-rollers and those with sophisticated tastes. The food is great, the ambiance is great and every indulgence you could think of is just a call away. Get ready to party Serbian-style!


Shake n Shake adds a new flavor to usual nightlife sprawls! Sitting next to a river, the club offers a unique ambiance and some wild parties. If you want to party hop, then this is definitely one of the places you want to show up at when touring Belgrade!

Hype Belgrade Night Club

Hype is another important nightclub in Belgrade. It has superb events and all major occasions holidays in Serbia draw massive crowds. If you want to get out among the revellers then Hype is a great place to break a leg!

Lasta – Gradski Splav Club

In a city full of top-ranking nightclubs, Latsa-Gradskli Splay has its own identity. It creates a great ambiance and caters to a very diverse crowd that boasts of all kinds of people. Are you looking to take on Belgrade on your final night in town? Latsa-Gradski Slay is where you want to be!


As the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade has many hotels to offer. Going right down from the international 5-star multi-hotel chains to the more economical ones, Belgrade has all the options you could possibly find. Hyatt, Radisson, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn – you name it and Belgrade has it!

Hyatt Regency Belgrade (5 Star)

Metropol Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Belgrade (5 Star)

Saint Ten Hotel (5 Star)

Square Nine Hotel Belgrade (5 Star)

Belgrade City Hotel (4 Star)

Crowne Plaza Belgrade (4 Star)

Holiday Inn Belgrade (4 Star)

Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade


Nightlife is right life in Belgrade and fine dining is a big pleasure for many. That is why you can find so many top-tier restaurants with excellent chefs. Diwali, Little Bay, Mala Fabrika Ukusa are just among the top high-end restaurants you can find in Belgrade. Explore and expand your taste palette at leisure!

Diwali Indian Restaurant

Little Bay Restaurant

Lorenzo & Kakalamba

Mala Fabrika Ukusa

Salon 5

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