Belarus Travel Information

About Belarus Tourism

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe that has recently opened its gates to its visitors and has become a popular tourist destination. Belarus offers much more to travelers than you could ever fit into a single visit. The culture, outdoor activities, cuisine, and historical sites will keep even the most experienced traveler excited.

Tourism is growing and flourishing in Belarus with the formation of tourism products in small town and natural sites. Over 40% of the country is covered in lush green which makes it an ideal spot for experiencing the best of nature along with its adventure.

Browse though our website and plan your visit to Belarus without hassle or spend time formalizing your itinerary by researching places to visit and things to do. Ensure all necessary paperwork in order and plan your arrival and departure. Whether you’re passing through or staying for a few weeks, there is a wealth of activities available to you in Belarus

Belarus Travel & Tourism Guide

Best time to visit

Belarus is favorable to visit all throughout the year, however, the temperature drop by the end of August and has pleasant weather. Winter is again another month to see another sight of this country.

Spring: March to April (-1 to 12 °C)

Summer: May to August (8 to 23 °C)

Autumn: September to November (-1 to 17 °C)

Winter: December to February (-1 to -7 °C)

How to reach

 Delhi is the main airport where you can fly directly to Minsk National Airport. The main carrier is Aeroflot which flies directly to Minsk.

 Type of tourism Belarus Travel Information

  • Historical Tourism
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism
  • Honeymoon Tourism
  • Adventure and Nature Tourism
  • Family Tourism
  • Health and Spa Tourism
  • Nightlife Tourism
  • Winter Tourism

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Belarus

  1. Minsk, Belarus
  2. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park
  3. Braslav Lake Area, Belarus
  4. Pripyatsky National Park
  5. Mir Castle, Belarus
  6. Brest Fortress, Belarus
  7. Lida Castle, Belarus
  8. Berestyle Archaeological Museum
  9. Minsk Sea
  10. Polotsk