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Astana is the second-largest city of Kazakhstan on the banks of the Ishim River in northern Kazakhstan.  Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa designed the master plan of this city.

The city has many religious monuments, which therefore earned its name in 1991 as the “City of the World”. It is home to one of the largest mosques in Central Asia, the Hazrat Sultan, futuristic buildings, skyscrapers, and hotels. The city is a true paradise for adventure, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping.

Astana is a young and modern city that is growing and attracting visitors now more than ever. The city has made travelers curious over its transformation in just a few years. It has moved on and developed in the most modern places in this part of the world.

Astana offers some of the best attractions for visitors to explore such as The Presidential Palace, Golden Towers Singing fountains, Bayterek tower, Nur-Astana Mosque, Kaz Munay, Gas Headquarters, Opera House and Shopping Mall “Khan Shatyr”.

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The Baiterek Tower

The monument and observation tower is a popular tourist attraction in Astana. It is a symbol of post-independence of the country. It has a legend behind it and stand at a height of 105 m from a wide flat base.

Astana City Park

The park is a good place to spend a relaxing day with your family. From its paved paths, tranquil gardens to benches and rides, it is an amazing place to spend some leisure time.

The State Opera and Ballet Theater “Astana Opera”

It was founded in 2013 on the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan. It is the pride of Astana and considered being in line with some world’s leading opera houses.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

It is a 77-meter high pyramid built by the congress of the leader of the world and traditional religions. It is the center of the capital city comprising five stories of triangles.

Khan Shatyr Astana

It is a transparent tent built in a neo-futurist style in 2006 by the President of Kazakhstan. It is larger than a football stadium and a venue for entertainment, a park with mini beach, golf, boating river, etc.

Quay Astana

It is a beautiful landmark in Nur – Sultan which is a pedestrian zone. It looks prettier in the evening when the sunsets and the restaurants and bars light up the whole places. It is an ideal place to spend a good evening.

Nurzhol Boulevard Astana

It is also known as Green Water Boulevard on the bank of Ishim River. The pedestrian area is a popular tourist attraction of the city which runs from the President’s street to the Khan Shatyr Entertainment center.

Astana Arena

It is a national football stadium which holds a capacity of 30,000 people. The stadium is one of the second largest in the country in Nur- Sultan. It hosts the opening ceremony of the 7th Asia Winter Games, 2011.

Duman Entertainment Centre

The Entertainment center was opened on May 2017 and built under a dome. Its features include one wave machine, two pools, a lazy river, five water slides, different baths, and hamams.

Fountain Circus Astana

The circus in this place is good, and it’s a fun place to come around with family and friends. There’s also the fountain with a nice park and unusual but fun sculptures around the square.

Ethno-Memorial Complex Map of Kazakhstan Atameken

It represents the map of Kazakhstan where all the attractions are exhibited in small miniatures. You will see the famous attractions of Kazakhstan such as Bayterek, Pyramid, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, area and others.


It is an interesting sculpture you might stumble upon walking through the city. It is the best attraction in the summer nights as they let out the fountains with bright lights.

Mega Silk Way

It is one of the country’s largest shopping malls, which has the most expensive range of shopping and entertainment facilities. It is structured like a tree and houses the best shops, restaurants, entertainment space and lots more.

Mosques in Astana

Hazrat Sultan Mosque

It is one of the largest mosques in Central Asia located in Nur Sultan in Kazakhstan. The name was suggested by President Nursultan Nazarbayev which means Holy Sultan and constructed in 2009. It is built in Islamic style and accommodates about 10,000 people.

Nur-Astana Mosque

It is the third-largest mosque in Central Asia constructed in 2005. It stands a height of 40 m which symbolizes the age of the Prophet Muhammad. It is made of glass, granite, concrete and accommodates about 5000 worshippers.

Cathedrals in Astana

Assumption Russian Orthodox Cathedral Astana

It is a newly built a cathedral which is made of white and gold guild. The altar is extravagant and a mass of colors. The second floor is an area for the choir while the basement is a place for worship.

Constantine and Helen Cathedral

It is an orthodox church which emphasis on those who seek to understand Christianity. It is a Christian community that helps those who seek to learn and understand the Bible.

Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve

Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve is part of the UNESCO heritage site. It is in Aqmola and Karaganda regions of Kazakhstan and home to Lake Tengiz.

Museums in Astana

Kazakhstan Military History Museum

The military museum was opened in 2016 and has more than 7000 unique exhibitions. It is the first and only military museum in Kazakhstan and located on Respublika Avenue.

National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The museum is one of the youngest and largest museums in Central Asia. It is located on the main square of the city and consists of seven blocks. It exhibits pieces in 14 rooms and composed of several halls.

President’s Center of Culture & Museum Astana

 The museums are a large complex exhibiting the ancient and modern history of Kazakhstan. It is located in the central spot of Astana across Ishim River.

Triumphal Arch Mangilik El Astana

The architectural structure symbolizes the Independence of Kazakhstan. It stands at a height of 20 meters, to the left of the structure carries the symbol of wisdom. Inside the arch are staircases leading upstairs with photos portraying the history of the city.

Monuments in Astana

Independence Square and Kazak Eli Monument

Independence square is also popularly known Kazakh Eli Square. It was made in 2009 and it is close to the major attractions of Astana. The monument follows the styles of the other structures and major military even and occasionally take place on this square.

Monument to Bogenbai Batyr

Bogenbai Batyr was a popular Kazakh warrior from the 18th century. A monument is built in his honor for liberating the people of Kazakhstan from Dzungar rule. The monument is located near Syr Darya River.

Monument to Khan Kenesary

Khan Kenesary was known as a resistance warrior and in his honor, the Monument to Khan Kenesary was built on the banks of Ishim River. The monument was built in an unusual way where his head and body are put in two different places.

Monument to Saken Seyfullin

It is a beautiful park where the Saken Seyfullin monument stands strong in front of a wooden house. The monument was opened in 1994 and made out of bronze on his 100th anniversary.

Monument to the Soldiers of World War II

River Ishim Embankment

It is a river that runs through Kazakhstan and Russia, where the upper course passes through Nur Sultan. People come here just for a walk and there’re a game of throne seat and other displays to take some good pictures. It is a clean and wide river and its pleasant to walk in the summer afternoon and evenings.

Park of Lovers

Asia Park Astana

It is a shopping and entertainment center which features shops, restaurants, cinemas, play area for children, etc. About 150 shops are selling international brands and top restaurants in the mall.

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